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T&Z Talk is what happens when a seasoned, veteran radio host and a featured Huffington Post blogger get together and talk about the world. It's news from the day, the day before, and opinion. Lot's of opinion. But above all, it's informative and entertaining. TandZ Talk, discussing national politics, social issues, and general conversation about things we find interesting. Tony Trupiano and Richard Zombeck, two strong Progressive voices for social, economic, and political change in America.
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Now displaying: June, 2016

T&Z Talk is what happens when a seasoned, veteran radio host and a featured Huffington Post blogger get together and talk.

Jun 30, 2016

Charlie Sheen: Donald Trump once gave Charlie a wedding gift and Charlie has some news about the "very expensive gift."

Benghazi: It won't stop. The GOP won't let it go. Donald Trump's surrogate and an attorney tweeted something so disgusting that it could very well qualify as libel.

Mom with sick kid: A mother, concerned for her child contacted members of congress and one responded by telling her to get a job - she has one. Actually, she has two.

Jun 27, 2016
What Brexit means, Trump pimps his golf course, and George Will leaved the GOP

Brexit: We discuss what it means for Great Britain and the rest of the world.

Trump's Resort: Rather than make any coherent analysis of Brexit, Trump instead, talked about his Golf Course and proved that he has no understanding of what's happening in the world.

George Will: 40 year news veteran and Republican pundit and opinion columnist - called by some a "king maker" announced over the weekend that he was leaving the GOP.

Jun 24, 2016

John Lewis: The Representative from Georgia and renowned civil rights activist who was beaten by police during the march on Selma Alabama in the 1960's is being labeled a criminal and a terrorist by the NRA.

Fact Checking: CNN now has a dedicated team of fact checkers to check everything that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth in real time, or as close to real time as possible.

Sit-in: More news from the sit-in, including bat shit crazy Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert.

Jun 23, 2016

House anti-gun sit-in: After John Lewis gave a speech on gun control and staged a sit-in, the Speaker of the House, Republicans gaveled the session and turned off the cameras.

Orlando Shooter was gay and looking for revenge: A former gay lover of the Orlando shooter gave an interview to Univision and says that Omar Mateen was gay, angry, and confused.

Right-wing radio: We listen to a couple of the nuttier talk shows in the right- wing nut factory.

Jun 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton on Trump: Clinton gave a rousing speech about Trump and the economy saying his tiny hands should be no where near it. Referencing his literature and noting that all his books end with Chapter 11.

Trump: Running out of money and not able to raise more and claiming he'll use his own, but much of his campaign's money has been spent on his water, stakes, and properties.

The NRA: Once again the GOP voted down every bill put forth on gun control, including background checks and terrorists. The GOP essentially voted to allow terrorists to buy assault rifles.

Jun 20, 2016

The Gun Vote: Congress is set to vote on four bills that will determine whether we join the rest of the civilized world in regulating military grade fire arms.

Paul Ryan: Ryan has been falling all over himself to sound as if he's endorsing Trump or supporting him or not supporting him.

Elizabeth Warren: Another masterful swipe at Trump from the Massachusetts Senator.

There's more: Trust us there's more.

Jun 16, 2016

Trump has now banned a handful of news outlet from covering, including Politico, Huffington Post, CNN and most recently the Washington Post. The question now is, who will voluntary stand in solidarity and stop covering him.

Seth Myers, late night talk show host did just that. Granted the show is not a news show per se, but it's a start.

And what about Sacramento? Where are we with that? We discuss the recent comments and rhetoric from that day and how it's affecting politics. Tony and Richard will also talk about FOX's new found agreement with banning assault rifles. Don't believe me? Listen to the show.

Jun 14, 2016

Trump has accused the President of the United States of treason by insinuating that he may be a sleeper agent for ISIS. The Media, once again, is awash with rhetoric and indignation that yet another massacre has occurred in this country. Will this time be any different? Will Congress affect change? Will anything change?

The mood seems different this time and maybe it's because the hate, vitriol, and bigotry that's been shrouded by republicans in a veil of legislation has been exposed and embodied in it's worst possible way thanks to Trump.

Anderson Cooper from CNN paid tribute to the victims in Orlando during a moving segment. You can listen to the full audio in this episode.

Jun 13, 2016
The GOP is Complicit in yet another mass shooting

Once again a mass shooting in America. Muslim, hate crime, radical Islamic terrorist, radicalized Muslim? Who knows and do we really care?

In today’s episode Tony Trupiano and Richard Zombeck discuss the shooting in Orlando Florida, gun nuts, the LGBT community and how conservative politicians and their base react to yet one more mass shooting with an assault rifle.

And of course, no show would be complete without finding out what Donald Trump’s gigantic ego had to say about all this. Among other things, he managed to insinuate that President Obama was part of a Muslim sleeper cell.

Jun 6, 2016

Donald Trump has not toned it down, despite the party's higher ups requesting that he do. In fact he's turned up the racist rhetoric to a level that is taking us back to an era we've thought we'd left behind long ago. He's come out against a federal Judge who is presiding over a case involving Trump University, calling him unfit to hear the case because of his Mexican ancestry.

Trump has also said that a Muslim should not hear his case. The GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have not budged on their support, nor have they been willing to condone what he's said.

Jun 2, 2016

It's Trump again who is dominating the news cycle with his University, steaks, wine, bottled water and slightly exaggerated wealth. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was on Morning Joe making no small thing of the case against Donald Trump. He called it, simply, fraud. And that's what it is. The case was opened in 2013 so there's no question that this has very little if nothing to do with the elections. We can be certain that Trump and his minions will accuse the left of doing this out of some sort of evil plot though.

Mark Cuban also had a few choice words for Trump and even questions the moguls wealth. Cuban puts it at closer to $165 million. Still a lot, but not $10 billion.

Jun 1, 2016

Donald Trump has often gone after the media. Recently however, he's taken to insulting them to their faces. We are reminded of an old quote from back when new was printed on paper: "Never argue with a man who buys his ink by the barrel and paper by the ton" Trump doesn't seem to care and neither do his followers. He seems nearly impervious to what others would suffer from. His attacking the press sets a dangerous precedent though and is a clear danger to democracy and society.