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T&Z Talk is what happens when a seasoned, veteran radio host and a featured Huffington Post blogger get together and talk about the world. It's news from the day, the day before, and opinion. Lot's of opinion. But above all, it's informative and entertaining. TandZ Talk, discussing national politics, social issues, and general conversation about things we find interesting. Tony Trupiano and Richard Zombeck, two strong Progressive voices for social, economic, and political change in America.
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T&Z Talk is what happens when a seasoned, veteran radio host and a featured Huffington Post blogger get together and talk.

Nov 15, 2016
Democrat/Progressive/Liberal? -- A Trump Administration Takes Shape — What YOU Can Do

There are no easy answers right now for those who have a political mindset with ANY information to back the way they feel, but if you are decidedly NOT a Republican and feel you are a Democrat, or an offshoot there of, what does that mean and when, more importantly, does that look like — to you?

Z gave an impassioned history lesson of protest and revolt involving the foreclosure and why lessons learned there are CRITICAL to make a difference moving forward.

Who will lead the Democratic National Committee and will it matter, when all is said and done? The other thought to ponder is simple; are we even asking the correct questions any longer? Stay tuned!

Nov 9, 2016
WTF Just Happened and What Happens Next?

Well, T&Z have little to no sympathy, empathy or delusions of what happened and did NOT waste their time with analysis, expert testimony, other people’s opinions or theories.

Why? Because, frankly, does it matter?

What T&Z did do was remind us all of what our PERSONAL responsibilities are. to ourselves, our families and our own values and morals. They also stressed the critical nature of what it means to make a difference and what that looks like for them, and for you, if you are willing to go along AND support this ride.

The next whatever is, is what the next whatever is, but finger pointing and crying and hanging our heads low accomplishes nothing but MAYBE some personal satisfaction, and what has that gotten us, ever?

T&Z strongly believe that in order to be the difference we must be the difference in our own lives first and foremost. Our journey to continue this podcast, based on intelligent facts and educated information may have made us poor financially, but we will not succumb to the outer-limits of far Left thought and conspiracy.

We KNOW what we are willing and able to do and will with your support. Do you? Be honest. Do you?

Nov 7, 2016
You Decide What Country You Want To Live In

Today’s T&Z podcast is about, yup, you guessed it, voting. Reasons, ideas, truth, lies, candidates, issues, judges, statewide races, and so much more is on the ballot tomorrow, but really, voting is essential for all the reasons you should be voting.

We did travel back in time to highlight some of the antics of both campaigns. We talked about how WRONG we were about Trump from day one and we shared our thoughts about Hillary Clinton. We delved into whatever “the media” has or hasn’t been and what that may look like come Wednesday, but in all sincerity. PLEASE VOTE.

We will survive any result, but make sure one of the votes you see in the voting totals is yours and take pride in that number. It matters!

Nov 1, 2016
One Week Left - Sacrificing  the Truth - What Happens if she/he wins

The proverbial election clock continues it VERY slow countdown to election, and T&Z ponder the reality of the last 24 months, the last 24 days, hell, the last 24 hours. Can we survive a Trump presidency? Is Hillary really crooked? Would you know what changes looks like if it bit you in the ass?

Are you going to vote?

Although today’s show was definitively not a feel-good, pro-democrat message, it is a reality check. You can decided for yourself how real it is.